Why the psychology of colour is key for web design

Having a great website is key for any business. With clients increasingly finding companies through the internet, your website becomes their first real interaction with your branding and products. And as well all know, first impressions really do count!

This means that your website design needs to be spot on. It needs to represent your company, show consistency with your branding and products, and provoke positive reactions in your end users, encouraging them the buy your products and services. Within this, the psychology of colour must be a key consideration for all people looking at their web design.

What is the psychology of colour?

The psychology of colour is a relatively new scientific understanding, with research on this phenomenon constantly being published. It states that humans have specific and innate reactions to different colours, with these colours provoking certain thoughts and feelings. Therefore, by understanding exactly what colours provoke what feelings in people, you can use colours to subtly influence emotions and associations.

How does this affect web design?

All websites use colours, whether as backgrounds, to highlight text, or even to differentiate certain parts of the webpage. By choosing colours that cause reactions and feelings that are in keeping with the content of your website, you can help to increase the likelihood that your end users will act in a certain way, whether that be to trust your brand (ideal for information pages), associate your products with ease and comfort (often used by eCommerce websites), or connect your services with motivation and change (commonly seen being used by consultancy companies).

So what is known so far?

As stated, the research on this phenomena is in its infancy, and there is not yet a definitive list of which colours cause which reactions – in fact, due to the complexity of the human mind, and the numbers of different experiences each person will have in their lifetime, it is unlikely that the psychology of colour will ever be truly objective, or completely black and white, if you will pardon the pun! However, since the psychology of colour is increasingly being used by marketing departments, publishers and designers, it is well worth ensuring that your website is keeping abreast of these developments, and using this knowledge efficiently and effectively.

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