Why SEO is so crucial for your business

Search engine optimisation (or SEO for short) is a key part of any organisation’s business plan but for some people it is an area they do not know a great deal about. Even more than that, you may have heard the SEO is a critical part of any modern businesses strategy but wonder why this is the case.

Luckily, we can help make this a lot clearer for you! In simple terms, optimising your SEO efforts on your website will give your customers a better user experience and also help the major search engines (like Google) find you and rank you higher in their results. This will naturally lead to more people finding you and increased revenue.

Here are some more specific reasons why a good SEO strategy is key for your business:

Increased potential for conversion

Search engine optimisation through the use of keyword-rich content is great as it attracts people who are looking for the service you provide anyway. There is no need to spend time convincing them they need your product as it is what they have searched for online. By ranking high in the search engines through an excellent SEO strategy, you will pop up as the immediate answer to their needs.

Building a more trusted brand with customers

The fact of the matter in the modern world is that most people trust internet search results. If you employ an effective SEO strategy then you can benefit from this. The thinking behind it is simple – if Google says you are the number 1 site for a service when someone searches in that sector, then the person looking to spend money will also consider you the best due to their trust in Google.

Happier customers

Business is ultimately about giving the customer what they want and making them happy so they will remain loyal. Search engine optimisation through strategic web design can help you achieve this aim by making sure your website is fast, well laid out and easy to use.

If you want to employ an SEO strategy for your business in the Shropshire area but need help, give us a call. Yellow Marshmallow can use our years of local SEO experience to help make sure your website is the best it can be, for your customers and the search engines! We also offer a free SEO audit so if that would help, fill in the form on our website today to get your customised report.

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