Top tips for logo design

Think that designing a logo is the easy part of branding and establishing a new business? Well think again – anyone who has actually sat down and tried to create a logo that effectively captures the nature of your business, branding, products and services into a small picture can testify as to how difficult this can be. However, it is essential that your logo is designed well. Often acting as a customer’s first impression of your branding, a well-designed logo can be the difference between the conversion of new clients, and those same clients looking elsewhere.

As such, our experts have a few tips on how to design a logo to help you capture the attention of potential customers:

1. Be unique

While it is easy to recognise many good logos and taking inspiration from them can really help your own designing, it is important to be as unique as possible. Your logo is there to make you stand out from the crowd, so any similarities to other brands will cause confusion and damage your message of being better than the rest. It is also essential to avoid plagiarism within logo designs, and many high profile companies regularly check for unauthorised use of their design.

2. Logos are an introduction to the brand

A logo isn’t just a pictorial representation of your company name. Instead, it is an introduction to your entire brand and company ethos. When you match your company logo to the ideology of your business, then the synergy created will really help your logo to flourish in the mind of your clients. Is your brand utility-driven? Focused on evoking emotions? Whatever your company does and the way it does things needs to be represented in your logo.

3. Colours really do matter

While it may sound obvious, the colours used on your logo play an extremely important part. Given the increasing interest in the psychology of colour within the design and marketing industries, the colours used in your logo need to match the nature of your business, while understanding the inherent connections that colours play in the mind of clients. If one of your USPs is your commitment to CRS, then green should be inherent in your logo. Equally, if your company deals with sensitive and emotional situations, then colours should be muted to represent this. By matching your business nature to colours and integrating this into your logo design, your logo will represent you far more effectively.

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