The benefits of outsourcing your blogs

Posting regular, engaging content on your website can help you improve the position your website ranks in search engine results, increase awareness of your brand, and improve the conversion rates you have of visitors to your site. But with all the best will in the world, actually finding the time to plan, create and deliver consistently brilliant content is a constant challenge. Even with an in-house marketing team, you will find that without the option of spending hours reading online resources to spark content ideas and then the ability to write, video, photograph and proof all of the content, your best ideas might never come to life.

Outsourcing your blogs gives you the peace of mind that your online content is regularly being updated, within your brand’s vision and tone of voice, ensuring your online audience continues to engage with you. Below we’ve listed out some of the key benefits you stand to gain from outsourcing your blog content.


If you suddenly decide to start writing a company blog, you might want to involve a cross section of people from your business, so that everyone gets a say and so that blogging doesn’t overwhelm one person’s time. However, not everyone is a natural writer and if the person you’re asking to create your content doesn’t read a lot of blogs, or understand the SEO and keyword design needed to make the blog effective online, it becomes a waste of everyone’s time. By collaborating with experts in blog writing, you can be sure that once your topics are agreed, the blogs will be written for the target audience, with all the necessary SEO techniques used to get your blog seen online.


Hiring a copywriter in-house is not the same as having a marketing team. Copywriters are specialists in the language they use and their ability to tell the target audience that will engage and encourage action from them. The cost of having a copywriter in-house is significantly higher than the cost of outsourcing content every few weeks, or working on a retained basis with an agency who will be fully responsible for the management of your blogs.

Broader perspective

If you’re relying on members of your internal business to write your blogs, they will have a greater introspection on the sector you operate within. By outsourcing your content, you are able to gain a broader perspective on the topic you’re writing out, increasing your chances of engaging more people.

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