How to create a strong brand

When starting out in business it is important to take your time developing a brand that works across the board to become a recognisable and trusted name. Branding is about far more than just a logo, so here we explore how you can create a strong brand as you start out in business.

Start with the customer

The first important step in creating a brand that will work is to start with the customer. By considering who your customer is and what they will be looking for, you can tailor your branding and logo design to meet their needs. A logo for a building materials company will need to be very different from the logo for a cosmetics company and this is because of the customer. All logo design and brand design should first examine who you are trying to communicate with.

Keep it relevant

Brands need to be relevant to the industry that they are communicating with too. While the name of your building supply company does not necessarily need to include ‘building supplies’, it does need to be appropriate to the industry. To build a strong brand for your company it is important that you are able to communicate a clear message through the brand to tell customers something relevant about the company.

Create the right tag line

After the logo, the next most important part of your brand identity is your tagline. The tagline needs to inform the customer while also playing on emotions. The tagline should express a solution to a problem that the customer has, allowing you to inform them and attract their custom at the same time.

Develop the brand from the inside out

Developing the brand from the inside out will help you to create a truly inclusive service. By encouraging a culture that lives up to your brand identity within the company you will then be able to portray this to your customers in a manner that will be both sincere and realistic. If you aim to genuinely solve problems for your customers then your brand will be bolstered and venerated for this.

Be consistent

The final and arguably most important element to building a successful brand from the ground up is to be consistent. Brands will take time to become recognised, but changing your livery is not the solution because this will lose existing customers. It is important to remain both consistent in your communications and to be patient with your brand building process. A brand will not fully develop overnight, so you need to encourage development over time.

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