3 ways Instagram can boost your business

Deciding on the best way to advertise your brand can be difficult, especially on a smaller budget. Though it may feel like you can’t compete with larger advertising campaigns and big-brand products, for small businesses Instagram can be an excellent way to connect to the right people, show off your products and establish a network of dedicated fans.

Gain genuine followers

Unlike other platforms, Instagram provides an excellent way for brands to connect directly with customers. Whether it’s promoting your fans using your products, connecting with popular Instagrammers or simply showing what your products can do, small businesses who use openness and honesty are rewarded with the environment cultivated by those who use the platform.

In this way, your advertising can be very organic – promoting to people you know are interested in what you sell, and gaining fans in the process. It may be tempting to view all followers as equal, but being able to gather those who stick around and love your brand, thanks to the quality of your feed or your responsiveness, is worth its weight in gold.

Create your brand

If there’s one thing that benefits brands on Instagram, it’s the ability to create a strong brand image with a curated and carefully cultivated feed that shows off your products in their best light. This more personal touch to promotion, as well as choosing to be part of an aesthetic or connect with a particular group, can offer you a gateway to new customers, and to connect with potential fans. It’s all about the imagery – and showing what your products can do.

With the introduction of Instagram’s shopping feature, click and buy is easier for your followers than ever before. So providing impactful, great quality imagery can offer a great way to encourage that shopping impulse, with your follower’s next purchase just one tap away.

Connect with existing fans

Whether you have a strong fan base on other platforms or simply a lot of happy buyers, Instagram gives brands a way to directly connect with those who purchase from them. This could be in the form of polls and interactive stories, allowing fans to feel they have a stake in your brand, or simply by listening to comments and ideas from those who already love your brand.

Instagram can provide a wealth of information and feedback if you’re willing to listen, providing ways to better your brand. If you’re looking to promote your brand through the most visual platform on the market, our social media management services could help you grow. Contact us today to find out more about our SEO, web design and social media services.

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