2 smart ways to make the most of Google Analytics

Even though everyone’s heard of how much Google Analytics has changed the face of online business, many website owners still have a fairly limited understanding of the tool. Though you may be using it to support your SEO to some degree, there’s a fairly high chance you’re just scraping the surface of all its great functions. Here are a couple of ways to start really making the most of Google Analytics.

Leverage audience data for better custom segments

You’re probably already using custom visitor segments to divide your traffic according to various pieces of demographic data, such as age, location and gender. If you’re not leveraging this data to help you create custom visitor segments though, you’ll be overlooking some exceedingly helpful information about how given users are interacting with your business online. To do this, go to the audience reporting section, and find “overview” under the “audience” menu. This will give you a larger view of the other interests reports. Using this, along with the “age and gender” tab under “demographics”. This should give you a clearer idea of the age, gender, interests and occupations of the majority of your visitors, and allow you to create a custom segment for more valuable tracking.

Assign specific values to goals

You’re probably using Google Analytics to set your business goals already. Go a step further by assigning specific financial values to them. Without this, you’ll have no way of determining how much money is being lost with every lead who exits without converting. Set an estimated worth of goals, shooting slightly low for the ones you’re not sure of, and start paying attention to the “page value” column in your traffic scorecard. This will show you the monetary value of a given page, in relation to the goal you’re working towards, and the place it occupies within your conversion path. By default, these values will be zero. When you start working towards leads and goals with specific financial value, you’ll gain a much clearer idea of the areas where you’re wasting money in your previous goal flow. This, in turn, will help you take future steps to optimise the goal funnel, adding more steps or providing extra navigation to guide users back to previous sections. Many businesses have something dragging down their conversion rate, and setting clear values for goals is a great first step towards identifying it.

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